Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to House of Fifty's First Color Issue!

Welcome to HOF's first Color Issue!

We are so excited to release HOF's first ever Color Issue, featuring an outstanding lineup of talent including an interview with color expert Tobi Fairley. Later in the issue Valorie Hart talks with her friends Brian Patrick Flynn and Bryan Batt, who have a lot to share on the topic of color! But it doesn't stop there... browse through the preview to see all the articles packed into this 190 page issue of sheer prettiness. 

Visit the House of Fifty Website for a Preview

And of course, a very big "thank you" to all the contributors, designers, photographers and talent featured in this issue, you've all been so great to work with!

To read on your computer click HERE
To read on iPads and iPhones click HERE

To purchase a print copy or read on android devices, click HERE

Enjoy and here's to all the ways we can brighten our days,

Thank you!


Vintage Home said...

so much insppiration...hard to decide what colour to use! ....hahha, nope I love BLUE!

Unknown said...

Love your magazine!!!!! I'm hooked! Thank you for doing it.

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What beautiful pics!

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