Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Just Had To Find Out Where This Came From!

I was at a location that will be featured in an upcoming story in the Holiday issue of House of Fifty and just fell for this tufted ottoman. I inquired where on earth it had been found, and no one could exactly recall.

Well, a little research (well, a lot actually!) upon returning home served up the answer. It's the Maison Tufted Ottoman, over scaled at a grand 58" x 42".

The beauty comes from this shop, and while not inexpensive, was less than I thought it might be at $803.

{Lisa's find in Dubai}

Which reminds me, I saw a very similar one on Lisa's blog several weeks ago. Okay, now it makes sense why I was so excited to see a version in person!  She found hers at Bloomingdales, in Dubai. Of course after seeing hers I went online to Bloomingdales on the off chance. No luck, of course. Lisa recently moved to Dubai and is busy pulling together pieces for her new home there! If you haven't visited her blog, you should.

Wish I had a spot for the ottoman in my house, but can't wait to show you the space I spotted it in. 
Look for the latest issue of House of Fifty, out November 1st.


L.Duncan said...

I noticed that too!!!!! I was like whoa!


Amanda said...

Its beautiful!!!! Heres a similar one but a bit smaller-smaller price tag too.

Vintage Home said...

Fascinating.....article on marble!

Vintage Home said...

Goergous ottoman....thanks for teling us about hte web site...although I can not get off it!

Karena said...

I would love to sell my coffee table and buy this ottoman, well maybe in a slightly smaller size!! Gorgeous!

Art by Karena

I hope you come to enter my Giveaway from Interieurs!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a great piece, and does look quite expensive. Much more than the $803. price tag. Cannot wait to see the Nov. issue. I've got such catching up to do it's over-whelming. Looking forward to doing so in Oct. once we get settled in and wi-fi. Can't imagine life without wi-fi!!!

All my best to you Janell,

savie said...
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