Thursday, December 29, 2011

How To Make Gold Leafed Candlesticks

If you are like me, your taking this week kind of slow and enjoying some down time. But, if down time for you just happens to include a little DIY'ing, here's a fun way to update worn or old candlesticks with a little sheen!

Materials Needed:

  • collection of candlesticks in varying heights
  • fine-grit sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • gold-leaf sheets
  • liquid adhesive
  • gold-leaf sealer
  • gold-leaf antiquing
  • 2 foam brushes

Gather Supplies

Find a collection of old or worn candlestick holders and collect needed supplies.

Sand Surfaces

Lightly sand candlestick holder surfaces to remove any existing finish.

Wipe Clean

Wipe away dust with tack cloth.

Apply Adhesive

Brush all surfaces with gold-leaf liquid adhesive. Let set approximately 30 minutes until tacky.

Apply Gold Leaf

Lay sheets of gold leaf over candlestick surfaces and press into place with foam brush. Repeat until entire surface is covered.

Wipe Away Excess Leafing

Brush away loose particles with foam brush.

Apply Sealer

Brush on layer of gold-leaf sealer. Let dry 30 minutes.

Apply Antiquing Finish

Brush on layer of gold-leaf antiquing finish.

Rub In and Wipe Away

Rub antiquing finish into cracks and ridges. Wipe away any excess with rag.

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Merlin said...

WOW! Your candlesticks look beautiful! Off to the craft store... franki

Nadejda said...

The candles look amazing! I want something like that for ages and thought on making it with spray paint, but it wouldn't look as good at all. Thanks for the idea :)

Nadia @natureinsider

Anonymous said...

loving these candlesticks