Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kitchen Trend: Tile to the Ceiling

A trend in design that I've immediately become a fan of is tile to the ceiling in kitchens! 
Moroccan tile in a butler's pantry...

Interior Design by Tineke Triggs, Photography by Matthew Millman

...and a herringbone pattern in the adjoining kitchen.

Interior Designer Tineke Triggs predicts this is a trend we'll be seeing a lot more of in the near future. See  "Celebrating the Heart of the Home" in the new issue of House of Fifty to learn more about the above spaces.

And have you seen this one? It has been making its way around Pinterest, and is by Palmer Weiss.

And another favorite, a kitchen embracing absolute simplicity is brought up several notches by tile covering an entire wall, by Angie Hranowsky.

What about you, is this a detail you'd enjoy seeing in your kitchen?


Nancy said...

Love these pictures, and especially the first one with the dark cabinets. Although I love all white kitchens and dream of doing that one day, mine has dark cabinets, and boy does this tile update it.....fantastic !


Gramercy Home said...

Obsessed with this trend. Beautiful round up of images!

Sam, Leave The Nest Up To Me said...

Love the look but not sure if I'd do it in my own house. It'd be a pain/pricey to replace if I got bored with the tile. Paint is much easier to switch out!

nannykim said...

Love the one with the blue curtain and the sweet flowers.

Merlin said...

Make that a HUGE YES! This just brightens everything AND the upkeep minimal. LUV IT! franki

Brillante Interiors said...

In my latest post about Peregalli studio I have also some beautiful tilework. I particularly love your first image, so different and unique way to create interest in a kitchen.