Friday, June 10, 2011

1stdibs...A Treasure Trove of Finds!

{Repost from Isabella & Max Rooms...loved these finds so much I just had to share on the HOF Blog!}

During the recent trip to NYC, one of my favorite stops was the 1stdibs showroom. I enjoy taking a peek at their website when looking for unique inspiration, but that experience pales next to walking through the aisles!

I just wanted to pulled down this fixture, but it in my bag and bring it home!

This mirror caught my eye, as did its $14,000 price tag. I have no idea why. I must be missing some key facts.

A sectional perfect for that large family room, sans the family of know, the pets and sticky fingers.

Anyone have a hat collection?

As I spied these I wondered what I would think if coming across them at a Goodwill. Would I like them?
 Settings can affect your perception, to be sure.

Equestrian Boot Lamps...anyone?

Mid Century Cool.

 The shape of this mirror? Adore.

And more simply divine light fixtures. Sometimes vintage is the only way to go; I never see new styles quite a stylish as these. The dark and gold metals have a lot to do with it, creating a dramatic "backdrop" for the light.

Finally, doesn't every home need a statement piece? 
Where would you place this, if it came into your home?

Next time in NYC, this will be a must stop again to be sure.


Splenderosa said...

Hey Janell, $14,000? I missed something too. And, unfortunately, I know the perfect person for that alligator. Stay coooool. xx's

kayce hughes said...

Loving all those lights.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I posted a comment on your other blog about this... but, I forgot to add ... what the heck?? about the alligator! Heehee!
Have a PRETTY day!

Karen @ THEBUSYBUG said...


Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

Pass on the boot lamps, but everything else....oh my! ADORE the chandeliers! Great idea thinking of things as goodwill finds...will have to see if that can curb my purchasing problems :)

stephanie brockway said...

Love the hip looks, thanks for making 50 seem so chic

Intrigue and Inspire said...

So many beautiful items but I think the lighting fixtures are my favorite.