Friday, July 29, 2011

If You Are A Working Mom...

For me, summer is about embracing more time with the kids and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Sometimes this requires a bit of multitasking to stay on top of issues that arise at work!

Like getting a last minute change from an advertiser in the next issue of House of Fifty, being released on Monday. Yikes. Okay...let's see if I can forward it on to the designer.

And I get busted. Yes, I'm on the phone...just a minute!!

So despite weak coverage, the messages went through and I could continue on with a relaxing day.

How do you handle summers if you are a working mom?


L.Duncan said...

Its hard for me to handle any season now that I'm working again. And I think the fact that I'm a work at home mom makes it worse! My husband works 50+ hrs a week (the + is by choice) and I always get the phone calls I'm running a little late or I need to do one more thing. But because everything I do involve the web, if I even touch my blackberry while we're doing something family related, I get the side eye. How do I balance it? What I learned from a conference I went to in June was to first embrace the fact that I am a work at home mom. Don't apologize too much for what I do, and to talk to the kids in a way that they will (hopefully) understand. For instance "I know we're at the park, but I really need to respond to this email for work". Every email can't be responded to at that time, but its ok when you must respond to one or two. I can go on and on about this!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Thanks for your comment on this subject Lakeitha! Yes, I think moms who work from home do have to stop apologizing to others and themselves. It is OKAY that we work, and how brilliant that we have the opportunity to do so from home! I explain to my kids often the benefits and the challenges, and the compromises we have to make so that everyone can get what they need/want out of a day. For instance, we are out late at the neighborhood parks on a lot of summer nights, so I loose the evening work time I have in the winter when the kids have an earlier bedtime. The compromise? They have to stay in their rooms until 8 the next morning. Usually they sleep that late if we've been out the night before, but if they wake up they can read. This allows me to have a few hours of work before the day and all the summer activities begin. And then yes, throughout the day there are times when they have to be patient if I have to stop to make a call or respond to an email.

The benefits of being home with them while also being able to work is completely worth the balancing act!!


Michele of By Your Side said...

I have been "busted" in much the same way!! Love your blog, I can't remember how exactly I discovered you... but I LOVE it here! Grabbed your button while I was here too!!

Melinda said...

Hi...I am a new follower and came your way via Home to Three Duncan Boys! I am sure I am about to become one of your biggest fans!

Summer as a working Mom...Mmm...That is a challenge. I am lucky that my work schedule allows me 2 days a week where I don't work until 6 in the evening, so these days offer some flexibility. And I am off every Friday, as well as every 2nd weekend. So basically, I take full advantage of the time I am not working! My kids and I have taken 2 mini vaca's since Summer came in, and my sister and I just bought a vintage camper (Squeal of Delight!) and are heading out this week to park her some place, and then take our first camping trip this coming weekend. Until then, we are working hard at fixing her up and making her our own. Feel free to drop by my blog to see our progress!

Natasha in Oz said...

I think you are doing are wonderful job. Good on you!

I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for another great emag. This issue is spectacular and I think I will be reading it over and over again!

I can't wait for the holiday one now too!

Best wishes and congratulations,

Alicia Gines Photography said...

Children, especially toddlers, have no true understanding to the need that we adults have called work. It's a must to sneak in the work and still find special time for them. I'm a professional photographer and business owner so the clients and sessions come and go, but the "business" is always needing to be worked on and I find that my face in stuck into the books or the computer screen most of the day. For me, I step back every half an hour and provide my two toddlers at least an hour of some sort of special play time rather it be to bake cookies, play pretend monsters or pirates, or to color a giant piece of backdrop paper (which to them is breaking the rules so it's totally fun!)...I always make sure to step aside and do what they want. Summer doesn't always mean "outside" especially when it's TOO hot for little ones. Winter time can be as much fun outside as summer can.

Great articles, I'm new but will be staying tuned. Kudos! :o)