Monday, April 23, 2012

Rediscovering A Lost Love

Just what am I talking about? Reading. And of the book variety.

For years, with the arrival of kids and then getting back to work...and the blog, I found little time for reading anything but other blogs and a magazine here and there.

But now that I'm working on House of Fifty, leading the Books On Our Shelves articles, I've put reading back into my week and it has been like rediscovering a lost love!

The above is one of the several read for the latest issue which is coming very soon, and I'm sharing it here because this book is fantastic! It's rare, I think, when a book actually changes your outlook on how you are living your life. A definite must-read recommendation, if you haven't already.

The latest I've just finished won't be making any favorite lists, 'something blue.' While overall it was a pleasant read, the main character irritated me beyond belief for the first 180 plus pages. Maybe that was the point, but seriously?

Look for the list of all the books that did make my summer reading list, in the Anniversary issue of House of Fifty coming May 7th.


The English Organizer said...

I haven't read Something Blue, but I can attest that Emily Giffin is a wonderful author: her characters and dialog are very skilled.
Happy Reading!

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