Monday, April 2, 2012

Have We Really Become This Rude?!

One of the absolute best parts of working on House of Fifty mag is how I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of fantastic people! One of them is Mindy Lockard, of the Gracious Girl, a talented columnist and speaker on the topic of etiquette. I met her when we were both scheduled to do a segment for a local TV station one morning. When she introduced herself I immediately knew I just had to work with her. Stopping by her blog recently I saw her post below and she graciously has let me share it with you today.

Seriously, have we really become this rude? From what I see on a daily basis I suspect we have. Read on and tell me what your take on the topic is in a comment if you will...

From Mindy:

"This was sent to me last week by It kind of makes me want to cry. You know, the ugly cry."

Courtesy of:

"How is this happening and why is it that it’s the twenty-somethings that are bringing it back? I work with a lot of them, I am proud to say so. So let’s light a fire, people! Take back our honor and show the young ones and little ones what we are made of. We are so much better than this! I know it."


Vintage Market Place said...

I agree!
It is like living among savages now.
No courtesy for space, language or others concerns.
It is a me me me society, so get over it kinda world now.

Maybe because parents have to work more to keep up, kids were left to grow up with tv role models such as the horrible reality stars everyone treats like queens.
I fear for my child in the future...
heck I fear for all of us.

Merlin said...

When we lose "manners" we lose respect, whatever happened to honor... These "things" creep up on us and suddenly are the "norm." Without manners we have chaos. It really troubles me "thank you very much." franki

Design_Fluff said...

I agree with a lot of what is written. However, the hygiene thing I doubt has much to do with manners and more to do with the fact that there is an increasingly large number of people out there coming down with disorders causing significantly disabling fatigue. A lot of this stems from undiagnosed hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue (which is very real and disabling look up Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and Dr. Lam at the adrenal fatigue center to learn more, or peruse and the adrenal fatigue forum to see the many posts from the people suffering), chronic fatigue syndrome, and the like. I've met and spoke with many people with these disorders and it's not something they take lightly. And yes, their hygiene suffers because they are so weak and tired that the poor things have to choose between going to the grocers or taking a shower. Their energy has to be meted out. I've been suffering from a couple of these disorders as well, but luckily have a husband when my energy is too low, that he will give me a shower himself and brush my hair! He's amazingly compassionate and patient with me:)
Not all of those thousands or millions(?) of sufferers have the support system that I do.
I dare to say that it's a lack of manners that causes us to assume another person's lack of hygiene is a deficiency in manners instead of a health issue. I believe manners helps us to be less judgmental and instead to try and think the best of others.
I can't imagine one of these dear sweet souls having to suffer like they do everyday and then be met with some snide, judgmental young person who thinks they know them, and confronts them on their lack of hygiene! How horrifying! People can not really know a person or understand their struggles until they walked a mile in their shoes. And trust me, they wouldn't want to!
I know there may be a few people out there that are perfectly healthy and just do not care, but really think about it. Who in their right mind wants to smell? Or have unkempt hair? Most people in their right mind would not want this for themselves. It's humiliating to say the least and just as disgusting if not more so for the one suffering. And just in case anyone raises the issue about deodorant. A lot of people have become increasingly aware at how personal hygiene products, including makeup, have dangerous ingredients in them and have helped contribute to their illness, so they opt for natural and/or organic brands. It's hard to find a deodorant that actually works and is safe and natural. What works for me doesn't always work for others.

But, yes, I agree with most of the article. It's amazing at how incredibly rude people are and I have felt at times that society at large is becoming incredibly selfish and out of touch with reality and seriously lacking in respect for others.

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