Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheap & Chic from Scrapbook

I recently was introduced to a gorgeous blog named Scrapbook, written by Melissah who just happens to be located in a favorite spot of mine, Australia! I was immediately taken with what I saw and here is one of her posts, just to peak your interest...

Cheap and Chic


When it comes to decorating I am great believer in a little bit of imagination, good taste and style can get often get you a lot further than a pocketful of money. I started off my career as a fashion designer so I have always been handy with a sewing machine. When I moved out of home and moved into my a shared house I would get to work. I painted rooms, pulled up carpets and lime washed floor boards, whipped up curtains and doona covers on the sewing machine and put together a stylish collection of furniture from opportunity shops and second hand markets. Every place I have ever lived in has been cheery and homey. I think there's no excuse for not living in beautiful surroundings not matter what your budget!

I could not agree more Melissah, and to see more visit Scrapbook. Janell

{p.s. for those who may not know what a "doona cover" is, first of all it is not a typo! I googled it to make sure. Rather it is another term for a duvet...see, I've already learned something from her blog!}


Merlin said...

Absolutely lovely! franki said...

So pretty!! Excited to check out Melissah's blog. And so true Janell, the desire to make it yours goes so much further than anything else!