Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HOF Reader Karen Chisum

How much fun to receive this message from a reader of House of Fifty!

"I love love love your online magazine! I lost my job last fall and am now living my creative dreams like so many and appreciate all of the resources. Here is a photo of what I am up to…"

"We use only vintage frames, so each one is unique and one of a kind.  Our work can be found in 5 boutiques in California, including Inventori owned by Tori Spelling. Thanks for the creative inspirations!"

Oh, you are welcome! And look at some of the fabulous finds available at Karen's Etsy shop.

As Karen shares on her site:

"A leap of faith has provided our family of 6 with an opportunity to share our love for the unexpected by turning our creative urban hunting hobby into a small family business.

Our products are a mixture of urban + antique + vintage + retro + industrial styles."

Yes, I am loving these and can think of several uses...

Continued success Karen!


Anonymous said...

What a great story! This down economy had produced many great entrepreneurs. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring..people think they must have jobs to make it..I say find your niche and become self much better!!!
great post..

The English Organizer said...

How lovely that she has turned a cloud inside out to reveal a true silver lining!
I'll be visiting the Etsy shop, for sure.

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

That looks awesome! So cute!