Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't You Just LOVE A Great Handbag?

Well, if so you are not alone. Handbags have risen to the position of top dog when it comes to sales of fashion accessories, outpacing even shoes. We enjoyed looking at this trend in the new issue of House of Fifty...

And of course we had to include a mention of the elusive and ultimate fashion status symbol, the Birkin Bag.

But guess what? Just in case you don't have several spare thousands laying around for such a purchase, 
look at what I just came across? 

A paper version, for a fraction of the cost.
{and by that I mean just a few hundred. seriously.}

What do you think, are you ready to take one home yourself?


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I would gladly accept one as a gift from someone (orange please):)
I do have a vintage handbag that looks very much like a Birkin - such a classic and smart design. Lately my purses have just been sitting in my closet and I've been using an old over the shoulder suede single pocket number I've had for years but I love it.

Vintage Market Place said...

years and years ago I found a birkin in a thrift shop. I knew what it was but had no idea of the exact price and status this bag had. I have one photo of me carrying it before I tossed it away in the donation pile.
Aah, I need a time machine to go back and get it., lol

Nancy said...

I love that bag! In orange. I saw a Michael Kors
( almost)look- a-like yesterday at TJ MAXX for $179.00--but still, Im holding out to find a vintage Birkin or a 2nd, or 3rd....

Handbags are like women's HAIR! and essential and finicky must-have look!

Hope all is well!

Jeff Hardy said...

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Unknown said...

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