Saturday, February 25, 2012

Live.Like.You Fabulousness!

I'm quite taken with the work of Jill Sorensen, of Live.Like.You
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At her shop you can browse by "Personality." Click on the door that fits your personality, select which room you'd like to shop and find a delightful illustration and all the items needed to create the look yourself. 

At 'Happy Home,' below, I choose to see the entry:

An illustration and several items seen in the room below.

And afterwards I visited 'The Hamptons' to see what that entry would like like.

A red Parsons table would make a great first impression!

It's a fun way to shop, which allows you to be inspired while visualizing how an item would look in a space.

Jill has also recently launched her own line, Jill Sorensen, 
and one of my favorites is her Key Bedding line which comes in great colors.

To see more illustrated designs and a wide array of finds, make sure to visit Live.Like.You!


Lisa said...

Good morning Janell,
Jill Sorenson is talented
in so many ways!
I like her fun and playful style,
and her sketches of different
styled doors leading to
different interiors is
such a fun concept!
I always find creative
minds and great
style when I open the door
at House of Fifty!
xo Lisa

Merlin said...

The door displays are fantastic! franki