Monday, February 20, 2012

Urbanwalls: Dress Up Those Walls!

I'm excited to have Urbanwalls as a sponsor of the latest issue of House of Fifty!

I'm loving their 'House Rules' vinyl wall decor sticker art...

...and Floral Pattern and Cuckoo Decals, available in a range of colors.

And how great are these chalkboard decals, making it super easy to add a surface for reminders in any space.

Night Owls

Wall decals from Urbanwalls can also add a lot of charm to a room design.

Mirror Mirror

It was hard to narrow down which designs to show in this post, visit their site to see more!

p.s. They also sell a great selection of prints at their site pixelcloud.
Loving this one...


Bethany said...

those house rules stickers are so cute. i think i need something like the chalkboard designs in my kitchen to keep a running list of groceries/items needed.


Design is... All in the Detail said...

I love those wall embellishments! How great... vinyl wears so well. And you don't have to stress over stencils and painting and lining it up and etc. etc. etc. I gotta get me one (or two!) Thanks for sharing and have a marvelous Monday!

Landi said...

What a great idea! Simple... affordable... and won't ruin your walls! For a girl like me, who gets sick of something within a few months, these are the greatest invention! I love the chalkboard decals for a home office or entryway/mudroom... but then the decals with owls, florals, etc. are way too cute for a nursery! Great find!

Design_Fluff said...

I'm partial to the floral pattern. It almost looks like wallpaper.

salman santo said...

My favorite stencil on 41 Orchard's site is the Plaque Initial in Lilac or Rose! Fun!kids wall decals