Monday, February 27, 2012

What Caught My Eye

Such amazing inspiration to be found, via blogs, sites and of course, Pinterest.
 Here are some of the latest designs and ideas that have caught my eye.

Bathroom Glam via here

Thinking outside the box, bridal fabrics! Via Pinterest.

Via Benjamin latest designer crush.

A revolving art display using wire and clips! Via here.

Lining window panes with maps, Via here.


Landi said...

Okay... absolutely LOVE the small amount of wallpaper in that little girls room. I think that's the perfect way to spruce up a wall but not covering the entire wall with it! I also am dreaming for a bath tub/bath room period that looks like that! So tres chic! Happy Monday!

Nancy said...

Really cute ideas. Love the kids art wall. (You can get that wire and clips at IKEA), and love the maps on the windows, and everything else you posted!

Merlin said...

Those are the "happiest" colors...luv the combos. franki