Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Easy To Make DIY Architectural Letters

Sometime last spring I was busy working on a few holiday DIY tutorials for How fun to finally be able to share these projects with you! Even earlier, when working on the Master Bedroom Redesign, I had such a great time making the "M" and "I" Architectural Letters for the art wall that I thought this could become a fun holiday project as well, using letters to spell a word fitting of the season.

Here are the steps to create your couldn't be more easy!
{paper mache letters available at JoAnn Fabrics}

Materials Needed:

  • paper mache letters
  • tinted primer
  • silver metallic paint
  • rust-colored acrylic paint
  • foam and bristle brushes
  • rag

Gather Supplies

Select letters, gather paint, brushes and rag.

Apply Primer

Brush a layer of primer over letter surfaces, leaving noticeable brush strokes in varying directions. Let dry to the touch.

Apply Metallic Paint

Brush a layer of metallic paint over letter surfaces, leaving noticeable brush strokes in varying directions.

Wipe Letters

Wipe away excess metallic paint with rag.

Add Rust Accents

Mix or use rust-colored paint to brush highlights over letter edges and any rough or raised areas.

Wipe Letters

Wipe away excess rust-colored paint.

Apply Second Coat of Metallic Paint

Brush on second layer of metallic paint to diffuse rust accents.

Rub In and Wipe Away

Using rag, rub in metallic paint and wipe away any excess.

Display the Letters

Spell out the season's greetings on a table, mantel or location of your choice to spread a little holiday joy.

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Julie said...

That's a great tip. I attempted letters that I thought had been pre-primed and the paint did not stick well at all. This I will try!

aimee said...

thanks for the great tutorial, it looks great xxx

Taylor Morgan said...

I LOVE this! thanks for sharing!

Party Resources said...

I love this idea and the final product!

Merlin said...

"That" is so....COOL...and within my realm of DIY. Thanks! franki

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

This looks great - I like the idea of using metallic paint and the rust colored paint. It looks made of metal from the pics.

kayce hughes said...

so fun!