Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Becoming A Trend: Update Your Coat With New Buttons!

After posting about giving my winter coat an update with gold buttons, I've been delighted to read comments and posts of people being inspired to do the same! Nothing like making what you already have "new" with a simple change.

I had a few just sitting in the drawer...

And a perfectly great coat from JCrew, it was just feeling a bit tired.

But nothing a quick change out couldn't take care of.

And hello "new" coat!

Have a coat you'd like to update? Grab a handful of gold buttons!

And what's this? I snapped these "after" pictures of the coat while shopping for jeans with my husband.
{Thus the big mirror in white box perfect for photo taking!}
And yes, I take my camera with me everywhere...

Do you shop with your guy?
And if so, does he listen to your opinion?
Mine has learned that doing so pays off. In fact, I had another shopper asking if I'd help him next.
Ha, Ha, Ha!


1 comment:

L.Duncan said...

I LOVE this idea! Did you see on Sherry from Design Indulgence add the buttons to her coat too? Now I need to find me some buttons! Shopping with my guy? Nope! I just shop FOR him:))