Friday, November 4, 2011

Slow Decorating

I've decided it's time to embrace the slow decorating movement...I've looked for a book but can't find one. Do you know of one? I think I first heard about this approach on the Nester's blog. But anyway, after rushing about my house for the last three years getting rooms redone and spruced up, I'm ready for a slower pace.

I like the idea of considering options more thoughtfully, and perhaps saving up money to get an item that I know I'll be thrilled with for years and will stand up to wear and tear. Or waiting until I find just the right item or solution for a space, instead of grabbing what I've found and making do.

Besides..."slow" is about all the time I have to put toward decorating these days! However, I did get one little project complete: The hanging of the wallpaper art.

Got some pictures to hang? You must get a package of OOK picture hanging hardware! 
{the best, bar none}

A couple measurements later, the Ikea Ribba frames showcasing colors of the vase wallpaper were hung...

...and pretty straight at that. Or close enough.

I'm loving them. Happy bursts of color & pattern!

And now I'm heading off to the coast with a group of girlfriends for the weekend...
Long overdue, we'll be finding lots to celebrate I'm sure.

Enjoy yours!


Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I will definitely make my way out today to buy some of these. First for my new gallery wall and then for a few clients!

Thanks Janel

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Anonymous said...

Love this! I too have taken the slow approach to decorating my space. This way my purchases are well planned and thought out and I don't walk away with buyers remorse. :) GOOD LUCK!

Sam, Leave The Nest Up To Me said...

Love the pops of color against the dark wall!

I've always tried to take the slow approach to decorating, otherwise my house would be a mish-mash of the crazy spur-of-the-moment ideas I have. Good luck!

Esta de moda said...

Your decorations is wonderful!!!

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

Looks fabulous! That wallpaper in different colours is a genius decorating idea. Perfect for wallpaper-commitment-phobes. Like me.